Fundamentally Broken
Fundamentally broken

A monthly-ish discussion where Seth and Tim use evolving methodologies — often with the Apple ecosystem — to balance the ever-changing demands of work and family life. A potentially futile effort. It's a sickness. Or a cure. Or something…

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    Things Happened

    Seth and Tim discuss the importance of capture, and briefly about the amazing new Drafts release.

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    Seth and Tim have… well, this mess.

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    Control Is An Illusion

    Seth & Tim discuss the unintended hiatus, and getting back on track.

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    A List Is Not Enough

    Seth and Tim talk about how the major changes led to more complexity in how they handle their lives.

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    Someday You’ll Need Me

    Seth and Tim start Series 2 of the show, discussing the how and why of starting their journey of task management.

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    Put a Towel Down

    Seth and Tim discuss travel stress and tips.

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    Love Me, Love My Apps

    Seth and Tim talk about the struggles and triumphs of getting their friends and loved ones to listen to their suggestions.

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